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"A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


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Integral Ruger 1022

RD's Custom Guns & Ammunition is a family-owned and operated business. Owner Rex Williams has taken his family's love for guns, shooting, and the second amendment and decided to provide American citizens with their right to bear arms!

About RD's Custom Guns & Ammunition

About RD's Custom Guns and Ammo

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RD's Custom Guns and Ammo is a Family Owned and Operated Business. Owner Rex Williams has taken his Families love for guns, shooting, and the Second Amendment and decided to provide American citizens with their Right to Bear Arms! Rex grew up on a farm in a small town in East Texas, the same farm that he raised his family on. This is where he learned how to shoot, and where he taught his two sons, Ryan and Colby, and his daughter Alex to shoot. Rex has been a small business owner in the past but learned even more about business when he became the Captain of an off shore barge for a major oil company. His son Ryan joined the Marine Corps and became one of the first 12 Marines to start what is now known as MARSOC. (Marine Special Operations Command). Ryan was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and became the Designated Marksman for the Ambassador to Afghanistan's Mobile Security Team. Rex's son Colby started a logistics company based out of Dallas in 2006 and has continued providing services to customers throughout the state of Texas ever since. Alex, the baby of the family, grew up trying to compete with her older brothers in every aspect. She learned at an early age that the weapon in her hand is her responsibility, and she holds that responsibility to the upmost regard.


Aaron Strong will be working with Alex behind the counter. Aaron's hobbies consist of shooting, researching, and working on guns. If there is something he does not no, stand by, he will find out. He is an upstanding and considerate man, well he has to be, he is Alex's husband which makes him the Son-in-law/Brother-in-law to Rex, Ryan, and Colby. He has become a good fit for the family, and a great fit for RD's Custom Guns and Ammo.


John Tibbits, a friend of the family, is the founder of Keechi Creek Arms. He has been building custom Class III weapons for 20+ years and can build anything a person wants. His talents can be seen across the country at shooting competitions, major gun shows, and inside RD's Custom Guns and Ammo.


Johnathan, another friend of the family has been a gunsmith since his teenage years. His knowledge of guns and ammunition is beyond overwhelming. He will be located at RD's and is willing to explain/work on any weapon system that is placed in front of him. Now he is 100% country boy so if you are from up North you might need Alex to translate for you.......

We here at RD's Custom Guns and Ammo are excited about the opportunity to work with our fellow Americans, become a part of the community, and help out in anyway that we can. We offer any Gun that you might need whether it is a basic hunting rifle and scope or a fully equipped, gas operated, silenced, and ready to go custom rifle. We offer pistols from various manufacturers and our prize Keechi Creek Custom long range Rifles. We have accessories to fit any weapons system and every need. And we offer what we are most proud of, our love for God, Family, Country, and guns with some down home East Texas Family customer service!


So come on in or give us a call, we would love to meet you and help you out whether you are a novice gun owner or a competition shooter. And remember Keep your aim true, support the troops, and it is Your Right To Bear Arms!!!

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